Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How is Your Life Going? and your husband run your own piano studio, several students have violated your policies and you both agree to make the choice not to teach them the next semester (reducing your income on the front end), you and your husband go on vacation and you get really sick almost having to call 911, someone tries to break into your house, your car needs $2000 repairs during the summer when you're not teaching, and your house gets egged...sound like the most horrible life ever?

It's been mine since the beginning of July. Surprise! It's actually been very peaceful. Why?

My husband and I will be married two years next month. We are doing our best to learn to be the husband and wife God meant for us to be. He is learning to be the leader of our marriage with godly authority. I am learning to be in godly submission to my husband.

The situation: I was teaching in a home that had domestic violence issues that were growing worse. After providing help through our church and decisions not being made to keep herself and the children safe, my husband listened to what God told him, and made the decision that I wasn't to teach there anymore. His God-given role is to keep me safe. Because I honored his decision to keep me safe, I was actually able to show this other lady what pure, unconditional, godly love really is. Because of my husband's stand, it was called to her attention that guests in her home weren't safe, so she and her children definitely weren't. Because of my husband's stand, her husband is in the process of seeking help; we are praying that he sticks to it.

But Satan is mad, because he wants to destroy marriage. Marriage is the ultimate way to show others unconditional love.

But God supersedes,  and when we followed what God had told us to do, He gave us His peace that transcends all understanding, even through the enemies' bullets. (Philippians 4:6-7)

That's why my life hasn't been the most horrible life ever.


  1. Oh, dear! Praying that your summer gets better!

  2. It is so good to see God even through the trials of life. Glad you are safe and that your husband is living up to the role he took on when he said "I do!".


  3. You both made good choices!

    Can I recommend reading Shaunti Feldhahn's For Women Only and For Men Only books? My hubby and I (going on 9 years) wished we'd read them in our early marriage years.

  4. Great that we can have that peace that passes all understanding!