Sunday, January 29, 2012

Know What You're Drinking

Do you know the truth about the soda you drink?

My dad is an a/c mechanic. Do you know what he uses to eat rust off of bolts he can’t unscrew? Coke. The CO2 in ANY soda eats the rust so he can unscrew the bolt. Hmm. What is that doing to your stomach?! I love my Coke, but sheesh! Is it worth it?

So I went on a quest to make my own soda. No, not from a machine you can buy from the infomercial ~ from scratch...from water kefir grains.

As it turns out, we crave soda because our bodies naturally love the “bubbles.” It’s refreshing. REAL soda is refreshing, AND it quenches your thirst. Conventional soda actually dehydrates you.

The process water kefir grains go through is called lacto-fermentation, a process lost as we've pasteurized everything we eat. Water kefir grains metabolize the sugar and minerals, creating natural carbonation. The metabolization creates probiotic properties that will heal infection, enzymes that will help digest your food, and other beneficial bacteria (now missing from our diets due to pasteurization) that will combat tumors and cancers. It also cleanses out toxins from your body.

I’ve lost about eight pounds in two weeks drinking this homemade soda (among other dietary changes). The reason? It aids in digestion and elimination of waste from your body. I feel healthier, and more refreshed, but don’t take just my word for it. Here’s feedback from my first customer:

"I love my Kefir grains!!! I brew every other day to keep up with my 'drinking habits.' LOL...I love it! I feel better, my blood sugars are much better (I'm Diabetic), I have more energy, less stomach problems and I am treating my cancer all at the same time!"

I have some in my online etsy store now. It’s been so helpful for me that I wanted to share. In my listing, you will find double the portion that others sell for the same price, complete instructions, plus a free recipe of different flavors for your soda.

You can check out my water kefir grains here:

Remember, with any change you make to your diet, be patient and set realistic goals for yourself. I still enjoy a once-in-a-while small glass of Coke. :)


  1. I have researched Kefir water pretty extensively because of the amount of Meds I take and I wanted to make sure it would not cause any reactions with them. It is a wonderful probiotic and antioxidant as well. The biggest plus is that you flavor it yourself, to your taste and you don't have to drink something noxious to reap the benefits. My grandchildren love my lemonade and Kool-Aid. For me, those are pretty potent testimonials!

  2. So true, Surina! I'm so glad it's revolutionizing your health, and your grandkids' health, too! :)

  3. I rarely drink soda anymore. My daughter makes kefir water every week or so...among other "strange" things. :)

  4. Sounds so interesting and healthy! Always looking for something other than water to drink because I am not a soda drinker! Going to check it out in your shop...thanks!

  5. That sounds really good! Thanks for the ideas!

  6. That's so interesting! Thanks for sharing -- I'll have to check out your shop!

  7. Interesting. I'll check it out. Thanks.

  8. Hmmm. Interesting. I wouldn't mind trying it.
    I thought that pasteurization was a good thing though?

    1. It used to be thought that it was good. But as with everything new we try, it takes years to see results, good or bad. Pasteurization was meant to kill good bacteria. Unfortunately, we are just now finding out that it also kills good bacteria. For example, people are now lactose intolerant due to pasteurization of milk...pasteurization kills lactASE, which our bodies need to break down lactOSE. Go figure. Anyone lactose intolerant can drink raw cow's milk...and solve their intestinal issues in the process.

  9. What an eye opener! I heard that about the coke as well. My cousin once left a baby tooth in soda and the next morning it supposedly dissolved.