Thursday, March 29, 2012

My New Favorite Online Shoppe

Tired of using perfumes, lotions, and lip balms that have harmful chemicals in them (formaldehyde, gasoline derivatives, musk from a skunk)?

Look no further than Live Beautifully All Natural Body Products. I found them on, and ordered some lotion bars and matching perfume because their products look just plain scrumptious. And I was right. My order came yesterday...there's the picture to the left. Not only did they create my perfume special for me to match the lotion bars, but they wrapped it beautifully, and even sent a matching lip balm as a free gift! The cherry on top? Since they created the perfume special for me, they even gave it it's own label which says "Emily's Sweet Orange." How about that for customer service!

And you know what? Here is a link for a store voucher for $25 worth of product for $15! Click the link, and follow the instructions. Enjoy!

$15 for $25 Store Voucher for Live Beautifully


  1. Thank you so much, Emily!! We're so happy you love everything, it was such a pleasure! What an amazing write up!

  2. Lovely! And your blog is beautiful!

  3. What wonderful packaging they did for their product! That makes even more special.