Monday, July 9, 2012


I'm tired! I just listed 45 eye shadow samples at my etsy shop! So tedious!
I also am a guest blogger today at the Christian Artist Street Team Etsy blog. Here's a snippet of it:
Ever feel like your life is out of control? Like you’re drowning? Join the club. Imagine getting married with never having lived on your own before and eighteen days after marriage, a drunk smashes into you and your car and totals it. And breaks your hand (you’re a pianist). And gives you a concussion. And sprains your knee. And sprains your ankle. And gives you bone bruises. And whiplash. And nerve damage. And panic attacks. And anxiety attacks. And depression. And...and...and...
We all have those incredible stories that just break others’ hearts and take their breath away. We all know what it is like to feel that your life is a disaster zone. So where do we find comfort?

Read the rest of "Be Still" here.

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