Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why I'm Glad I'm Not God

My 23 year old friend died Thursday. From carbon monoxide poisoning. From her neighbor's car, in her neighbor's garage. The neighbor left his car running overnight in his closed garage and the carbon monoxide permeated the apartment walls. My friend had the apartment adjoining the neighbor's garage. She died from his carelessness. Her roommate, also my friend, was just released from the hospital.

What's makes this more awful for me, and a lot of others - we know the guy who did this. I and other managers at my former job knew all three of these...they all worked with us at different times. We don't know if the two girls knew him, but we did.

What do you do when you knew someone who did something so careless and awful?

God knows everyone - He made them all. What must God feel when He sees those He loves hurt others He loves? It's a God-sized pain that only God can handle.

All I can pray is for comfort for the families and friends, and for God to show and glorify Himself in this. What else can you do?


  1. I just saw this on the news the other day! Wow, I'm so sorry.

    I think the best we can do is pray and hopefully she was a child of God.

  2. She most definitely belonged to God. :)